A Healthy Refresher To A Rehabilitation Hospital
Commercial Pressure Washing in Manchester, NJ

A Healthy Refresher To A Rehabilitation Hospital

We received a call from the Director of Maintenance at the Aristacare hospital in Manchester. They were in need of a bit of a spring cleaning on their Stucco building, and we made sure we we're the right guys for the job. Stucco can be a pain with all of it's nooks and crannies but we had the right soft wash equipment for the job. We arrived early morning and started by setting out cones and caution tape to block off areas we would be working in to help keep the residents and guests of the hospital safe and dry! We started with the North wall, which is usually the dirtiest of walls. We laid a healthy coating of 3% SH on the stucco and watched as the algae disappeared. While the SH did it's work on the stucco, we kept the landscape nice and watered to prevent any burning. Once finished with the walls we moved our equipment to the large patio in the back of the hospital.

We started by moving all the tables and chairs and getting the edges cleaned up with our water wand. We then broke out the big guns and hit it with our surface cleaner and started washing away years worth of dirt built into the concrete patio. This patio went from black to white in no time. We cleaned up any large puddles left behind from the surface cleaner and rinsed down all of the tables and chairs. This patio went from sad and dark, to bright and cheerful. It was no time before the residents were back outside enjoying the nice weather and laughter brought on by the lovely staff. Another much needed commercial property cleaning.

Budget: $1800

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Sodium Hypochlorite

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